Talks, workshops and presentations

I am an experienced lecturer, teacher and presenter. I have made hundreds of presentations and run many workshops and short courses. I am available for conference keynotes, staff development activities and other training and presentation events.

If you are interested in engaging me please get in touch on

I always work with organisations to develop bespoke presentations and training interventions. You can see a list of presentations that I have given on my blog. Key areas that I am happy to talk about include:

  • Career education and guidance policy
  • Career education and guidance in schools, colleges and universities
  • Covid-19, career and career guidance
  • Graduate careers
  • Labour market information and how to use it in careers practice
  • New technologies and career education and guidance
  • Research and evaluation of careers programmes
  • Social justice, career and career education and guidance
  • The changing world of work
  • What works in career education and guidance: Learning from the evidence base