I try and produce as much as much of my work as possible as free to access. But there are a few really fantastic pieces that you have to actually pay for. This page makes them all available to you.

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Career-Leader-Handbook-cover-e1525166277539[1] £24.99

Andrews, D. & Hooley, T. (2018). The Careers Leader Handbook. Bath: Trotman.

cover £105

Hooley, T., Sultana, R. and Thomsen, R. (2017). Career Guidance for Social Justice: Contesting Neoliberalism. London: Routledge.

9783319614755[1] 74,96 €

Cohen-Scali, V., Nota, L. and Rossier, J. New Perspectives on Career Counselling and Guidance in Europe. Springer: Berlin.

Featuring a chapter from me and Rosie Alexander.

Grad-Career-Handbook-cover  £12.99

Hooley, T. and Grant, K. (2017). You’re Hired! Graduate Career Handbook. Bath: Trotman.

 3167_222_167  $54.00

Sultana, R. (Ed.). (2017). Career Guidance and Livelihood Planning across the MediterraneanCareer Guidance and Livelihood Planning across the Mediterranean. Rotterdam: Sense Publishers.

Featuring a chapter from me on career guidance in Saudi Arabia.

 cover £12.99

Hooley, T., Bright, J. and Winter, D. (2016). You’re Hired! Job Hunting Online: The Complete Guide. Bath: Trotman.

 product_thumbnail £25

Hooley, T. and Barham, L. (Eds.). (2015). Career Development Policy and Practice: The Tony Watts Reader. Stafford: Highflyers.

postcard $81.95

Goss, S., Anthony, K., Sykes Stretch, L. and Mertz Nagel, D. Technology in Mental Health: Applications in Practice, Supervision and Training (Second Edition). Springfield, Illinois: Charles C. Thomas.

Featuring two chapters from me