Digital guidance – how to career online

digital guidance - how to career online

Tomorrow I’m giving a webinar for the CDAA in Australia on all things internet and career. There is still time to sign up if you are interested.

As usual I’m sharing my slide from the presentation – so feel free to use and abuse them however you see fit.

digital guidance – how to career online

The presentation builds on the book that I did last year called You’re Hired! Job Hunting Online. So grab yourself a copy of that book if you haven’t got one yet.

Work experience and volunteering – what works?

In case you missed our third ‘what works’ seminar we’ve put together some video resources to give you access to the talks from the event. The video above provides you with a quick taster of the event. But you can also see the full talk from Johnathan Buzzeo on work experience and Joy Williams on volunteering.

We’ll be releasing more detailed reports on these issues in the autumn – but in the meantime I hope that you find this a useful summary of the evidence base.

John Holman explaining the Gatsby Benchmarks for ‘good career guidance’

I’ve just found this film from last year’s Education and Employers conference of John Holman talking about the development of the Good Career Guidance report.

Since then the Gatsby Benchmarks have really become firmly embedded into our thinking about what constitutes effective careers work in schools.  Given this it is really good to be able to hear John’s defence of the framework.

Career education and guidance – the changing landscape

Career guidance - future of HE

I’m speaking today at the Festival of Higher Education, University of Buckingham. I plan to talk about the rationale for career education, the evidence that supports it and to say a little about where we are in the current policy and practice environment.

This is what I thought that I’d cover.

Career education and guidance – the changing landscape