State of the Nation – Presentation in Harrogate

State of the Nation-North Yorkshire

Tomorrow I’m going to Harrogate to present the State of the Nation research to schools from York and North Yorkshire.

So far this research has been really well received. I think that looking at where schools are nationally is useful for schools in helping them to think about their own provision and how they could improve.

This is what I’m planning to cover…

State of the Nation-North Yorkshire


Career guidance in school: how to make it work for your students

I had a piece in The Guardian today based on our State of the Nation research. In it I offer some advice on what schools could be doing to improve their careers programmes.

How are schools doing on careers advice for their students? This is the question we posed for the new State of the Nation 2017 report, published by The Careers & Enterprise Company. Our findings are based on 600 schools completing a self-assessment tool, giving us insights into their delivery of careers provision.

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State of the Nation 2017 – Presentation in Sandwell

State of the nation

Today I’m in Sandwell at the Careers Landscape of the Future Conference. I’m going to be talking about the newly released State of the Nation 2017 research.  Hopefully this summary of where we are will be useful in informing discussions about where we need to go.

This is what I’m planning to say

State of the nation

Work experience and volunteering – what works?

In case you missed our third ‘what works’ seminar we’ve put together some video resources to give you access to the talks from the event. The video above provides you with a quick taster of the event. But you can also see the full talk from Johnathan Buzzeo on work experience and Joy Williams on volunteering.

We’ll be releasing more detailed reports on these issues in the autumn – but in the meantime I hope that you find this a useful summary of the evidence base.

Effective employer mentoring


I have just produced a new paper for The Careers & Enterprise Company. It addresses the subject of employer mentoring. The paper sets out a literature review which describes the strength of the evidence for employer mentoring and sets out a model for effective practice.

The headlines area as follows.

  • There is a substantal evidence base which supports the role of employer mentoring in schools.
  • We can describe the strength of this evidence as moderate to good as it includes high quality studies and a number of statistical meta-analyses.
  • The evidence suggests that mentoring can have a significant and observable impact on behaviour, attainment and progression. The effect sizes are typically small, but mentoring is a moderate–to low-cost interventon.
  • The evidence suggests that mentoring needs to be high quality in order to deliver any impacts and that badly organised mentoring can do more harm than good.

We then drew together a series of features which describe effective practice as follows.

features of quality

The paper is available to download for free.

Hooley, T. (2016). Effective Employer Mentoring: Lessons From the Evidence. London: The Careers & Enterprise Company.