Tell us your views on your working life – Survey on ‘decent work’

Getting a job is only the start. In general people don’t just want ‘a job’ they want one which pays them enough to live on, which in interesting, which offers them opportunities for career progression and so on. I’ve always thought that it would be worth politicians talking a lot more about improving the quality of job, rather than just promising to increase employment.

Because of this I’ve been working with some of my old colleagues at the University of Derby on an international research project looking at the concept of ‘decent work’ across a wide range of countries.

As part of this research we are really interested in your views on your working life.

This survey is for UK residents only.

The decent work survey

Survey on the online gig economy

The online gig economy allows people to sell their time or goods through platforms like Uber, Etsy, and Deliveroo.

One of my PhD students (Esther Galfalvi) is researching young people and careers practitioner’s attitudes to this new form of work. She has designed a survey for careers professionals who work with young people between 16-19. It would be great if you would complete this survey for her (it should only take about 10 minutes).

Complete the survey

Citation update

h-index may 2017

I like to keep people up to date with my latest citation counts. I’ve just seen my h-index rise to 14 which pleases me greatly. In essence this is an empty statistic which I check obsessively and derive some self-worth from.

The new paper that has made it into the charmed circle is Evaluating the impact of career management skills module and internship programme within a university business school in which we evaluated a HE career management skills programme and internship and found that it made a difference to students employability.

In order to get my H-index up again people will have to cite that paper again as well as starting to cite one of the following more often.

So you know what you have to do! Get citing!