Are you an #UnexpectedMentor? Join our thunderclap


In January 2016, the Government announced the launch of a national mentoring campaign that aims to connect a new generation of mentors to pre-GCSE teens at risk of disengaging and underperforming whilst at school.

At The Careers & Enterprise Company we published some research looking at disengagement and at effective employer mentoring. We then used this to guide the funding of a series of mentoring programmes up and down the county.

On issue that has come up in our research is the fact that the current pool of mentors tend to come from similar backgrounds and a limited variety of professions. With this in mind we’ve launched a new campaign to attract new types of people so that mentors are representative of the whole population.

You can help us with this campaign by joining our thunderclap which is about allowing us to use your social media network to promote the campaign. It only takes a couple of seconds to sign up to the thunderclap. This is about trying to raise the profile and diversity of mentoring across England.

We hope that you’ll be able to help.


State of the Nation – Presentation in Harrogate

State of the Nation-North Yorkshire

Tomorrow I’m going to Harrogate to present the State of the Nation research to schools from York and North Yorkshire.

So far this research has been really well received. I think that looking at where schools are nationally is useful for schools in helping them to think about their own provision and how they could improve.

This is what I’m planning to cover…

State of the Nation-North Yorkshire

Career and career guidance in the Nordic countries – Call for papers

Editors: Erik Hagaseth Haug, Tristram Hooley, Jaana Kettunen and Rie Thomsen.

Overview: The Nordic countries have a range of strong cultural, political and geographical similarities that make it useful for them to be considered together. However, despite the cultural and political similarities of the Nordic countries they are less homogenous than outsiders often assume. Superficial similarities mask substantial differences which manifest in different aspects of culture, education and work life. This book will explore career guidance in the Nordic countries and lay the ground for a discussion on whether a ‘Nordic model of career guidance’ has emerged.

This volume will be the first of its kind.  It will be published in English to make insights and inspiration from career guidance in the Nordic countries more available to an international audience. The volume will make it possible for practitioners and policymakers to compare experiences and learn from each other’s effort. It will also  support scholarly debate about the unique contributions to career guidance made by the countries in the region. The volume will consider the way in which the different traditions, philosophies, cultures, politics and practices in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and other Nordic territories have framed the development of career guidance across the region. The book will also consider what implications for international policy and practice are offered by a consideration of the Nordic region.

We are in discussion with a number of possible publishers and will be submitting a full proposal document following the submission of abstracts.

Structure: We are seeking papers which address the following themes:

  • the development and role of education, work and career in the Nordic countries;
  • Nordic career guidance: policy, theory and practice. Especially transversal papers addressing key themes in guidance across the Nordic countries;
  • country papers summarising key policies and practices in each of the Nordic countries; and
  • challenges, innovations and issues. Thematic papers addressing issues particular to one or more of the Nordic countries.

Abstracts: Abstracts of your proposed manuscript should be no more than 300 words. They should set out the key focus of the proposed chapter and highlight what empirical data, evidence or analyses this paper will be based on. We welcome collaborations from multiple authors, especially where this helps to broaden the focus across a range of Nordic countries.

Abstracts should be accompanied with a brief (50-100 word) biography of the authors.

Please submit abstracts of your proposed manuscript by email to

Timetable: A final timetable will be agreed with the publishers once we have submitted the full proposal. The following is an indicative timetable.

14th October 2017 Call for papers issued
22nd December 2017 Deadline for submission of abstracts
31st January 2018 Feedback on abstracts and notification of the papers to be included
27th April 2018 First draft
1st June 2018 Feedback on first draft
28th September 2018 Revised/final draft submitted
1st December 2018 Final manuscript submitted to the publisher
January – April 2019 Proofs
May 2019 Publication

If you have additional questions regarding the call for papers, please contact one of the four editors.

Erik Haug (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway):

Tristram Hooley (Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences, Norway):

Jaana Kettunen (Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyväskylä):

Rie Thomsen (Aarhus University, Denmark):

Career guidance in school: how to make it work for your students

I had a piece in The Guardian today based on our State of the Nation research. In it I offer some advice on what schools could be doing to improve their careers programmes.

How are schools doing on careers advice for their students? This is the question we posed for the new State of the Nation 2017 report, published by The Careers & Enterprise Company. Our findings are based on 600 schools completing a self-assessment tool, giving us insights into their delivery of careers provision.

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State of the Nation 2017 – Presentation in Sandwell

State of the nation

Today I’m in Sandwell at the Careers Landscape of the Future Conference. I’m going to be talking about the newly released State of the Nation 2017 research.  Hopefully this summary of where we are will be useful in informing discussions about where we need to go.

This is what I’m planning to say

State of the nation

Call for papers – Imagining new perspectives on work: The role of career development in shaping futures

University of Derby Kedleston road site panoramic view.

The International Centre for Guidance Studies (iCeGS) has issued a call for papers for a conference to celebrate its 20th anniversary.

The conference will take place on the 23rd and 24th May 2018 in Derby and will be entitled Imagining New Perspectives on Work: The Role of Career Development in Shaping Futures.

Keynote speakers will include Professor David Blustein, (Boston College, USA), Dr Deirdre Hughes OBE (University of Warwick), Professor Tristram Hooley (Careers and Enterprise Company, University of Derby) and Dr Siobhan Neary (Head of the International Centre for Guidance Studies, University of Derby).

The conference will focus on key themes shaping the concept of career and the way in which career guidance is theorised and practiced.  We are now seeking contributions from academics, researchers and practitioners interested in offering a 20 minute paper presentation. Indicative topic areas could include the following:

  • Global change and careers.  Industrial restructuring and careers, Innovation, skills and technology and their effect on work, Environmental change, Mega-cities, migration and mobility, 21st century careers in a post-work society
  • Careers in times of social and political change.  Political and economic changes including Brexit/Labour market change/The ageing society and older workers/The place of vulnerable groups in the labour market/ Educational change
  • Technology and careers.  Social media/The gig economy/Digital literacy and the digital divide/Developing the future practitioner

All presenters are required to produce an academic poster in addition to their 20 minute paper.  iCeGS would also be pleased to receive proposals for poster presentations.

Please email an abstract of no more than 300 words by Friday 17th November 2017 to Philippa Betts (iCeGS Administrator):   Abstracts must include the following: the overarching conference theme to which the paper is responding, workshop presentation and poster/poster presentation, presenter/s name, organisational affiliation and email address, paper title and outline of the paper.  We hope to confirm acceptance of proposals by 12th January 2018.

Conference information and registration details will be available shortly.