Education and Employers Taskforce

You’ve probably spotted that my blogging has slowed down over recent weeks. I’ve been writing a big report which I finished last night. I’ll talk about this more once it is officially out – but hopefully all the hard work will have been worth it. This means that I’ve done some interesting things recently that I haven’t had a chance to blog about.

One of them was attending the Education and Employers Taskforce research conference at the University of Warwick. This was an interesting, if highly ecclectic conference. However you don’t need to take my word for it as the papers are now available online at


Speakers included: Hugh Lauder (University of Bath), Hans van der Loo (Shell International), Louise Archer (King’s College, London), Phillipp Grollmann (BIBB, Germany), Stephanie Allais (University of Edinburgh), Prue Huddleston (University of Warwick), Ewart Keep (University of Cardiff), Jeremy Higham (University of Leeds) and William Richardson (University of Exeter).   

What is even better is that there is video of the keynote lectures, select papers and short films from leading contributors.


Well worth a look. In particular watch Hans van der Loo and Ewart Keep as they were probably the best papers I saw on the day.


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