Blueprint for Careers

This week I’ve been presenting about the Blueprint for Careers at a couple of LSIS events. This has really renewed my interest in the Blueprint and reminded me why I think that it is potentially so important.

The Blueprint is a framework that sets out a series of skills, attributes, knowledge and abilities that people need to effectively develop their career. I think that it is a really powerful tool to underpin career education and guidance.

Unfortunately LSIS is being closed down. At the present time it is not clear who will take its work forward or whether the Excellence Gateway (its resource platform) will continue to exist. Given this I thought that I might rescue the Blueprint materials and upload them to my scribd account so that they wouldn’t get lost.

The key documents are

I’ve also pulled out early documents that set out the original thinking, how the Blueprint relates to other frameworks and the evaluation of the early pilot.

I’ve also published an academic article in the British Journal of Guidance and Counselling looking at the history and conceptual basis of the Blueprint.

There is also plenty of stuff on this blog tagged with the “blueprint” tag that may also be of interest.

I hope that another organisation can be persuaded to pick up the Blueprint now that LSIS will no longer be able to champion it.



  1. Thanks for bring this to attention. Looks like a really worthwhile resource. I particularly like the list of competencies and how they cover concepts such self-concept, adaptability, and different types of learning.

    My question is how do you design work around this? After all 11 competencies are a lot to go through. Or is career work just that complicated?

  2. If you have a look at the guides we produced you will see some ideas on how to implement and how providers used it during the trial. It is a very flexible model and can be used in one to one guidance, tutorial provision and embedded careers support. Ann Ruthven, Head of Learning and Learner Support, LSIS

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