How is this as a summary of the new statutory guidance

I already written about some of my reservations about the new statutory guidance for careers and inspiration. However, I have been trying to summarise it for something that I’m writing. How does this look as a summary of what it actually does say?

The new statutory guidance makes the following points.

  • Schools should help every pupil to develop high aspirations and consider a broad and ambitious range of careers. Key to this is ensuring that pupils understand the importance of achieving a grade C or above in English and Maths GCSE.
  • Schools have a duty to secure independent career guidance for all year 8-13 pupils.
  • Guidance should be impartial, include information on a range of destinations and be in the best interests of the young person.
  • Guidance should also be embedded in a clear framework rather than simply being an ad hoc set of activities.
  • Building strong links with employers and other stakeholders from the world of work and post-secondary learning should be central to schools activities in this area.
  • Pupils should be provided with access to a range of activities and career informants (e.g. employers, mentors).
  • Providing access to a website is not sufficient in itself to meet the statutory duty.
  • Schools should work with local authorities to support the participation of all young people in education through both information sharing and the provision of targeted support.
  • Schools’ can measure their effectiveness in this area both through Ofsted inspections and through the destinations of their pupils.



  1. This is really interesting Tristram – one thought that occurred to me is – is there any reference to lower ability pupils, special needs or indeed those from deprived communities – i.e. long term worklessness?

    Best regards

    Meg Hankinson

  2. There is quite a bit on SEN (see paragraphs 52 and 53). It doesn’t say very much however, just that SEN pupils should be aware of all of the opportunities they have and that schools should work with LAs and other bodies to support transition.

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