Career guidance for social justice

I co-edited a recent issue of the NICEC journal with Ronald Sultana. The issue focused on social justice and career guidance.

Ronald and I wrote an extended editorial in the journal which sought to set the context for the issue. In the editorial we explored the key themes of the issue highlighting the social justice tradition within the career guidance field and making the case for a strong focus on social justice. However we also explored some of the tensions that exist between career guidance’s orientation to the individual and understandings of social justice which are more socially orientated. We editorial concludes by arguing that if career guidance is to formulate a meaningful response to social injustice it needs to draw on diverse theoretical traditions and stimulate new forms of practice.

I have made this article free to access on our research archive.

Hooley, T. and Sultana, R. (2016). Career guidance for social justice. Journal of the National Institute for Career Education and Counselling, 36, 2-11.


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