Careers provision in colleges. What works?

what works - colleges

There has been quite a lot of important research emerge from The Careers & Enterprise Company over the last few days. I’ll try and update on all of the new work over the next few days.

First up Careers Provision in Colleges. What Works? This paper offers an evidence-based review of effective careers provision in further education colleges. I think that this is a really important contribution because colleges so rarely get talked about as schools typically grab all of the limelight.

The paper is based on a rapid evidence review, supplemented with six expert interviews, which provided support to identify additional evidence and case study colleges. This evidence is then explored through ten case studies of colleges.

The paper argues that good careers provision in colleges is associated with improved educational outcomes and progression, positive career and employment outcomes and enhanced personal effectiveness, career readiness, decision-making and employability skills amongst learners.

Effective practice is characterised by well resources and visible provision, good careers leadership, commitment to evaluation and review, the use of new technology, tailored and targeted provision, a commitment to collaborative working and impartiality.

Read more in the paper


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