Career guidance for emancipation: Reclaiming justice for the multitude


I’m very excited to announce that our new book Career Guidance for Emancipation: Reclaiming Justice for the Multitude is now out. Edited by me, Ronald Sultana and Rie Thomsen, it builds on our previous book Career Guidance for Social Justice and particularly seeks to explore what the neoliberal drive means for the careers of a wide range of different groups within society. It then moves into looking at practice and possibility and explores ways in which emancipatory career guidance can be put into practice.

The full list of contents is as follows:


  • Representing Problems, Imagining Solutions: Emancipatory Career Guidance for the Multitude by Tristram Hooley, Ronald G. Sultana, and Rie Thomsen

Part I: Addressing Diverse Experiences of Neoliberalism

  • Women and Social Justice: Does Career Guidance Have a Role? by Jenny Bimrose, Mary McMahon, and Mark Watson
  • Interventions for Career Construction and Work Inclusion of Individuals with Disability by Maria Cristina Ginevra, Sara Santilli, Laura Nota, and Salvatore Soresi
  • ‘I am what I am’: queering career development and practice by Adrian Hancock and Alan Taylor
  • Promoting change: The “Expanded Notion of Work” as a Proactive Response to the Social Justice Issues in Career Development Practice by Victor Wong and Toby C. Y. Yip
  • Career Education and Guidance and Race (In)Equality in England by Charlotte Chadderton
  • Career Guidance and Neoliberal Rationality in Italian Schools by Marco Romito
  • Career Guidance and Social Justice in the Encounter between Caste and Neoliberalism in India by Anita Ratnam

Part II: New practices, new possibilities

  • GPS To a Better Future: Career Guidance for Social Justice in Catalonia’s Adult Learning Centres by Carme Martínez-Roca and Marius Martínez Muñoz
  • Social Advantage, Access to Employers and the Role of Schools in Modern British Education by Christian Percy and Elnaz Kashefpakdel
  • Do Employment Services Need to be Neoliberal? by Alex Nunn
  • Social Justice and Continuing Professional Development: A Workshop For Career Development Practitioners by Kristin Midttun and Phil McCash
  • Schooled in the Work Ethic by Mark Rawlinson and Steve Rooney
  • Norm Criticism: A Method for Social Justice in Career Guidance by Frida Wikstrand
  • Reflexivity and social justice: Career guidance and counselling in a Serbian context by Tijana Maksimović and Helle Merete Nordentoft

Part III: Conclusions and Next Steps

  • Towards an Emancipatory Career Guidance: What Is To Be Done? by Tristram Hooley, Ronald G. Sultana, and Rie Thomsen

I hope that some of you will feel able to order a copy for your institution or library. We are hoping that we will be able to get the volume produced in paper back in the future. We are also keen to find other ways to make the content available to you e.g. through our new website.


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