Workshop: Making effective use of labour market data to support graduate careers and employability

I’m running a one day workshop to look at how careers services can be more effective in their use of labour market data. It will take place on Wednesday 3rd of July at the ISE offices in London. Book your place

The provision of high quality labour market information lies at the core of effective careers and employability education, and yet many professionals delivering such services admit that they struggle to find and use up to date information or to know what to do with it when they find it. 

This workshop will explore what sources of labour market data are available to careers services, how to access and analyse this data and how to use this data to make effective interventions. The workshop will explore HESA data, look at data available from the Office for National Statistics and other government sources, take a deep dive into data held by the Institute of Student Employers and explore what other data is out there on the internet. It will also look at how data can be effectively deployed in guidance sessions, employability workshops, in the curriculum and via e-learning, social media and the web. The key focus of the workshop will be using labour market data in a way that will actually make a difference to the career decisions and career management of students. 

Find out more and book your place on the ISE website.


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