Career guidance for social justice

This afternoon/evening (5pm) I’m presenting at the University of Melbourne Centre for Vocational and Educational Policy on Career Guidance for Social Justice (find out more details and book your place).

I’m going to be talking about the nature of career and career guidance and why we need to think about it in the context of social justice. Regular viewers will recognise that the presentation is a close cousin of what I recently presented in Denmark (but I figure that the overlap in attendees in different hemispheres will be small).

If you are interested in the work that I’ve been doing on social justice and career guidance you should also head over the Career guidance and social justice website where we’ve got information about the two books that we wrote, slides from presentations and a growing set of practice case studies.

So this is what I’m planning to say…



  1. This is an important topic that many need to study. In Calgary Alberta Canada Dr. Nancy Arthur is the acknowledged expert

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