The need for green guidance

Today I giving a webinar for the CDI on green guidance. I believe passionately that if we are going to manage a social and environmental transformation there is a need to seriously address the environment through career guidance. If we are going to achieve net zero we will seriously need to change the way people live, learn and work. Career guidance can be part of engaging people in that transformation.

I was presenting with Peter Plant, who really originated the concept of green guidance and has recently published a new article on this idea in the Nordic Journal of Careers and Transition Research.

I’ve been thinking about this issue a lot, but haven’t really managed to do any substantial work on it yet. Please watch this space, but also get in touch and tell me if you are interested. We’ve been covering green guidance on the Career guidance for social justice website and we’d love more case studies, examples and reflections.

In the meantime I’ve tried to put together some thoughts and ideas for practice in the following presentation. I hope that you find it useful…


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