The impact of Covid-19 on career

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I’ve recently published a new article in the NICEC journal called The impact of Covid-19 on career. It basically brings together a lot of the work that I’ve been doing since the start of Covid and tries to draw out some theory from it.

In the article I explore the experience of careering during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. I build on my experience and on a wide range of recent research in the field to proposes a framework for understanding the impact of the pandemic on career which attends to its multi-scalar nature and to its temporality.

The article provides an analysis which addresses the micro, meso and macro levels within which individuals’ careers take place. An argument is made that periods of crisis reorder our temporal experiences creating a new periodisation based on:

  • the immediate crisis period;
  • the subsequent period when restrictions are lifted and we return to the increasingly contested idea of ‘normal life’; and
  • the long-term as these repeated crises reorder our thinking and our society.

This framework can be depicted as follows.

In the article I discuss this framework with reference to the experience of the first two years of the COVID-19 pandemic in the UK, and use this to highlight the cyclical and ongoing nature of such crises. 

I hope that you will find it useful…

The impact of Covid-19 on career


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