Counselling for a career imaginary

I’m speaking to the Swedish Association of Guidance Counsellors again this morning. This time I’m doing something pretty new, which is based on my recent article Building a radical career imaginary: using Laclau and Mouffe and Hardt and Negri to reflexively re-read Ali and Graham’s counselling approach to career guidance.

In this article I set out an approach to career counselling informed by social justice theories and the political economists Laclau and Mouffe and Hardt and Negri. The idea of this is that it translates some theoretical ideas into something very practical for people working in one-to-one guidance or counselling approaches.

In this presentation I try and take it on a stage further and really explore how it might look in practice. The presentation is designed as a workshop, so I’m hoping to give participants some time to try it all out.

Anyway, this is what I’m planning to do…


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