Which University has the best careers service?

I’m doing some research on HE careers services. I’m interested in finding out which services are perceived to be the best in the sector.  If you had to name up to five HE careers services that you think of as being the sector leaders which would they be.

I’m happy for people to add their nominations as a comment on this blog or to email me in private (t.hooley@derby.ac.uk).  I’m hoping to use this to inform the selection of a sample of institutions that I’ll look at in more detail.

Thanks for your help


  1. Only have experience of my local ones and would say Portsmouth is very good. Sadly cannot say the same of Southampton, Winchester and recently Solent.

  2. Although it is rather conceited to mention ourselves in this, Careers Network at University of Birmingham has won three Rate My Placement awards (Most Improved Commitment to Employability, Best Careers Service and Outstanding Contribution to Work Experience) as well as being the first university to win ‘Best Public Sector Placement’ at the NCWE awards.

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