Interesting latest announcement from the Prime Minister


Yesterday the Prime Minister announced “a new generation of high-flying mentors to help struggling teens“.  The rationale is that good mentoring can support individuals to find their passion and inspire them to make positive choices in their life.

Many people can look back at their younger selves and point to someone, perhaps a parent or teacher, a sports coach, or their first boss, and say ‘that’s the person who found my passion. They’re the ones who made the difference’.

This new campaign to recruit mentors for young people will be managed by the Careers and Enterprise Company. The announcements is short of specifics, but it is very positive that this initiative is linked to the last one (the C&E Company) and suggests that the organisation might be around for a while.

Perhaps the most interesting thing in the press release is the following statement.

Government will spend £70 million on its strategy to improve careers education and guidance in this Parliament, including continued funding for The Careers and Enterprise Company, which was announced by the Secretary of State for Education in December 2014 and set up a year ago.

I haven’t seen this figure of £70 million on careers in this Parliament before. It is a lot less than the £200 million a year that was back in 2010/2011, but it is more than the £20 million that was announced by the government last year. I’d be very interested to see a breakdown of how this is going to be spent.

It seems like things are starting to move in the right direction…



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