Sign an open letter to Gavin Williamson for a Career Guidance Guarantee

As you may have noticed there is a fairly feverish atmosphere around government at the moment. Over the next few weeks expect lots of announcements about the lockdown and the government’s preparations for the post-lockdown economy. In a recent post I talked about a new proposal on career guidance that I and a number of other people are lobbying government for to ensure that career guidance is part of these post-lockdown plans.

Since then I have been working with the Career Development Policy Group and the Fair Education Alliance to write an open letter to the Secretary of State calling for the Department for Education to introduce a Career Guidance Guarantee for young people and unemployed adults.

This letter calls for every young person and unemployed adult to have access to career guidance to support them to make informed decisions. It is important that individual’s are able to find the destinations that are right for them so that they can make the most of the available opportunities post Covid-19. 

We are looking for people to add their signature to this letter. You can sign it as an individual, but it is even more powerful if you are able to sign this letter on behalf of your organisation. The more people that sign the letter, the stronger the call for a Career Guidance Guarentee will be.

If you want to sign the letter you need to do it by NOON on FRIDAY (3rd July). You can add your name using this form.

Please sign up and call for a Career Guidance Guarantee


  1. […] Why career guidance needs to be at the heart of our response to Covid-19. (Post from Tristram Hooley on the Institute of Employment Studies blog). Campaigners call for people to sign an open letter to Gavin Williamson calling for a career guidance guarantee. […]

  2. […] Sign an open letter to Gavin Williamson for a Career Guidance Guarantee. Part of a campaign that I participated in to try and put pressure on the UK government to fund career guidance properly as part of its pandemic response. I also signed an open letter to Gillian Keegan later on in the year as this campaign developed. The blog became quite a vehicle for campaigning with me writing posts like The youth labour market is a ticking timebomb: Government needs to act now! and What is to be done to avoid a meltdown of the youth labour market? As well as contributing to An emergency career development plan to maintain employment, productivity and progression post-Covid-19. […]

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