Career guidance for the 21st Century

Career Guidance for the 21st Century is a flexible, self-paced and freely accessible e-learning course for career guidance practitioners across Europe. It is completely free to use and available now for all careers professionals across Europe and beyond.

Career guidance for the 21st century

It is interactive and includes a range of multi-media content to make learning easy and enjoyable.  

The course is available in five different languages.

  • Czech 
  • English
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Slovak

Career Guidance for the 21st Century addresses four big topics at the cutting edge of career guidance:

  • Navigating the world of work​. Exploring how the labour market has evolved over time and how career guidance has evolved with it.
  • Professional enhancement. Exploring the notion of professionalism and reflecting on its role in enhancing the quality of the work of career practitioners.
  • Career education. Exploring career education and how career competences can be taught and assessed.
  • The transforming role of career practitioners. Exploring career guidance theories, societal change and digital technologies.

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  1. Hi Tristram. I am an experienced career practitioner in private practice in New Zealand and work across schools, businesses, corporates and professional sport providing 1:1 and group work, supervision, consulting, training and education services. I also run a parallel business selling my career decision-making card-sorts globally. Practitioner development is my passion alongside delivering relevant, inspirational and effective services for our clients. It find that it is difficult to access excellent professional development opportunities and always look forward to your adventures in career development posts. – your programme sounds amazing and is exactly what I need. I assume I register, log in and get started ?? Warm regards Lee Brodie

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