Careers services must die!

Thanks to David Wallace for putting me onto this talk by Andy Chan of Wake Forest University.

Careers Services must die

What do you think of this?



  1. Excellent message. Although I am not an HE specialist, The message equally applies to secondary and further education. As a former curriculum development manager with connexions, I had one foot in careers guidance and the other in career education and could see the benefits of a developmental process starting with self development (and the limitations of a one off career intervention however well done)The point about expectations is well made and we should not be defensive. Commitment and strong leadership from the SLT, with delivery by specialists and partners, is the way forward.

  2. I wish I went to that University. For the longest time I’ve known that Investing in Personal Development is key and instrumental in seeing a change/ impact/ progress etc. If most of the UK Schools & HE/ FE Facilities worked in the same way, It would be great. I see it alleviating stress for those leaving Education and unaware of what to to, and providing reassurance because there would have been a process of Development, Growth & Learning.

  3. Wow, wish I’d met this guy when I was at University – what a brilliant talk. Spot on! Wish I’d known this when I started out, had no idea how to go about finding out what I wanted to do and how. Now I am running my own business and getting CV’s from graduates and similar and nothing has changed regarding university help and advice in preparing them for the ‘real world’, fifteen years on, judging by the quality. I shall refer them to this video!!

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