Career Development Institute Scottish Student Conference


I’m spending today at the CDI Scottish Student Conference at Edinburgh Napier University. It looks like a really good day and I’m already frustrated that I won’t have enough time to talk to everyone I know there!

There is a lot of interesting content about current developments in Scotland. At one point I did a lot of work in Scotland, but for the past few years I’ve gradually fallen a bit out of touch – so it will be really good to hear how things are developing.

There are also some really interesting presentations from Peter Robertson, Nicola Hay, Julia Yates, Laura Bell and Susan Meldrum. I’m ready for a fascinating day.

I’ll be giving a workshop with Julia on the subject of  appearance and attractiveness in careers work. I’ll also be keynoting on future of work where I’ll be encouraging people to be very sceptical about what people tell you about what the future holds.

Hope to see some of you there!


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